The Company Metal Service Centre – IMC Slovakia Ltd. is a dynamically developing company that tends to be attractive, eco-friendly and ethical partner for its employees and customers. According to our basic rule, we want to offer goods and services of high quality and grant our customers special, yet human attitude.



We offer you services that give us a competitive advantage:




Dividing of materials:

(pipes, poles and rods, profiles) on exact lengths using two ways:


  • Commercial dividing – dividing of materials with a rest after division
  • Exact dividing – dividing of materials without a rest after division


We offer dividing of rods, pipes and profiles up to 330mm of diameter using special dividing saws.






Exact shaping of metal plates and boards by means of laser machines.



Delivery of material:

Our company ensures transport of the goods and materials directly to the site demanded by the client.  Our long-lasting experience and know - how offer a guarantee of your satisfaction with our services.  







We are a reliable partner in the following areas:

  • purchase
  • sale
  • logistics
  • completion
  • packaging
  • delivery


Consultations, ensuring of the administration, competitive prices, qualified and professional attitude towards our clients are a guarantee for your satisfaction with our services.






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