Aluminum bars

Aluminum bars


Metal Service Centre - IMC Slovakia, s.r.o provides a wide range of aluminum bars.

The bars are standardly supplied in lengths 3 m and 6 m or they can be devided according to customers needs.


Uses of aluminum bars and profiles:

The bars EN AW 2007 are suitable for machining.
The bars EN AW 6023 are well formed, polished, corrosion resistance and they have the ability to electrolytic oxidation. They are  used for design aircraft and vehicles.
The bars EN AW 6060 are suitable for anodizing with a convenient characteristics for welding.
The bars EN AW 6082 are well weldable, have high strength, high corrosion resistance and are suitable for anodizing.
The bars EN AW 7075 are suitable for machining.




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