Company profile

Company profile


IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. is a significant egineering company in the Slovak Republic. The company was established in Považská Bystrica in 1995. The Head Office is located 6 km from Považská Bystrica, in the village of Šebešťanová. The company has constantly grown and developed since its establishment. 







  Metal Service Centre – IMC Slovakia, s.r.o. is an important part of IMC Slovakia, s.r.o., it is one of the leaders in the area of the Slovak Republic and foreign market in the supplying of aluminum materials for engineering production. It specializes in cutting materials such as semi-finished aluminum, bronze, high-quality stainless and mild steels for construction and machinery production. It offers shaped sheet material by using laser cutting technologies.  Bending, welding and several surface treatments are also available.




Our detailed expertises are carefully researched on constantly changing due to market requests. We regularly invest in new research, development, innovation and the latest technologies. We guarantee the quality of our products and the long term satisfaction of our customers and sales partners.




Company history


year event

Establishment of IMC Slovakia as a marketing company 


Starting of bonded warehouses

1997  Transformation into a commercial company
1998 Establishment of AKB Slovakia,  Design Office 
1999 Establishment of a joint-venture with Rademaker, establishment of Rademaker Slovakia
2000 Establishment of a joint-venture with Kisters, establishment of Kisters Slovakia
2001  Transformation into a manufacturing and trading company
2002  Establishment  of a joint-venture with Desma, establishment of Desma Slovakia
2003 Purchasing the shares in Kisters Slovakia, establishment of KSK
2005 Starting of the new information system for production management
2006 Creating a branch office in eastern Slovakia in Sabinov, ATECH  Slovakia
2007  Developing of the  Metal Service Centre – IMC Slovakia,  opening  new store of materia
Integrated Quality System Certification ISO 9001
2008 Constructing of the assembly hall
  Constructing of a new production hall in Lipany in eastern Slovakia
2009 The global economic crisis

Integrated Quality System Certification  EN ISO 3834-2: 2005, Manufacture of basic 

metals, manufacture and repair of metal products, manufacture and repair of machinery and equipment

Creating Green Technology Division



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